Progress Group.

Progress Communication MMC was established in 2006. The main part of the leading and engineering staff of the company have been high ranked military officers of reserve forces who got great experience in the field of telecommunication and electrotechnology attending training sessions in the world known companies “Tadiran(Israel)”, “Marconi Company(England)”, ”Aselsan (Turkey)”. Later, company expanded its operations by hiring professionals from Turkey.

To maximize efficiency at every level, “Progress Construction Group”LLC has successfully been audited and certified in accordance with a variety of international management standards in the areas of quality, health and the environment. The policy of “Progress Construction Group”LLC, in carrying out all its activities, is to pursue a sound quality, health, safety and environmental system in order to execute quality work at all time, protect the safety and health of employees, contractors, customer and the the community at large.

In order to ensure that all activities are free from defect the first time where possible and to protect environment, health and safety in compliance with the goverment and local legalization, self-regulation concerning QHSE standards with the aim to not only meet but exceed customer requirements.

“Progress Construction Group”LLC believe that good QHSE performance will contribute and determine the success of the business and that QHSE is a shared responsibility across “Progress Construction Group”LLC particularly line managers, supervisors and workers.

We are committed to:
Comply with the requirements of the QHSE management systemand to continually improve its effectiveness through regular self-assessment and performance measurement/targeting; modify the facilities in a manner to manage and reduce all QHSE risks to acceptable level. Identify hazards, assess the risk and determining controls in areas of work to prevent injuries and ill health and continually improve
in QHSE management system and performance. Demonstrate and promote pollution prevention, environmental preparedness and waste minimization; by implementing proven technologies that are economically sound. Progressively reduce the environmental and health impacts of its operations by reducing emissions, effluents/discharges and wastes and improve efficient use of natural resources and energy.

Ensure that all emloyees receive adequate and suitable training to enable them to understand and perform their role achieve superior QHSE performance; and ensure that where contractors are employed, their commitment to QHSE is of an equal standard to that set by “Progress Construction Group”LLC and to ensure the availability of these standards to all interested parties. To the end, all personnel are responsible for understanding the QHSE impacts, hazards and risks associated with their jobs and for following the proper procedures to minimize or eliminate those impact, hazard and risks. All employees and contractors are required to perform their duties having in mind that individual responsibilities for QHSE cannot be delegated.